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How to get rid of unwanted popups?

I get some disturbing popups. As far as I can see they are originating from, or connected to, the sites and How to get rid of such popups?

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Re: How to get rid of unwanted popups?

Moved to Malware Discussions for better support.   Check your browser(s) add-ons and Programs list and get rid of any unwanted toolbars tghen run Stinger and Malwarebytes Free both linked in the last link in my signature below.   Note to keep Malwarebytes free of charge do NOT accept the trial offer.

If you aren't already using browser protection check out SiteAdvisor and WOT.

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Re: How to get rid of unwanted popups?

What browser is this affecting, and do you see any toolbars that weren't there before?

  •, which is a content delivery network used by companies like Twitter and Facebook to speed up their services.

The other one,, has been reported recently by Sophos users (and others)

As Ex_Brit said, check your browser(s) for add-ons that you don't recognise and toolbars you don't want.

Malwarebytes might pick it up, so might AdwCleaner or Spybot. It may be genuine malware but may be more of a PUP.

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