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How to fix JavaScript after a virus has removed it

I had a virus, I think it was Nugel or Nuqel.  After I removed it, I was unable to reinstall McAfee Antivirus because the virus had somehow removed or uninstalled JavaScript from Internet Explorer.  I checked through the Security settings and scripting was enabled but still no JavaScript.  This prevented McAfee from installing because for some reason the installer requires JavaScript.

I searched all over the internet, on this site,, and many other places for many days.  My troubles were compounded by the fact that many sites require JavaScript in order to fully render, including McAfee's own technical support site.  I was unable to click on many of McAfee's support buttons, including the online chat, because they use JavaScript.  (And I refused to pay for phone support.)

Finally, I stumbled upon the right combination of Google search terms which led me to this article  The last post in the discussion told me to re-register the JavaScript dll which is jscript.dll.

If you're not technical, this is easier than it sounds, assuming you can get to a Run command or a command prompt (a "C: prompt").  On Windows XP, I did it by clicking Start, then Run...  This brings up a little dialog box, in which you should paste "regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\jscript.dll" without the quotes and then hit the Enter key or click OK.  This should do the trick.

If you still have problems, you may need to reinstall the latest Windows Service Pack or try some other tricks before doing this again.

Good luck!

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Re: How to fix JavaScript after a virus has removed it

Thanks for the information and link to that.  Hopefuly that will help out others that come here.



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