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How to add Artemis!91D95E119843 to trusted?

I bought a program online and it keeps detecting when i try to extract. Please help

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Re: How to add Artemis!91D95E119843 to trusted?

Submit a Virus or Malware Sample | McAfee Labs

You will get an immediate reply post the analysis id number here  and reply to the email changing the subject to false +ve and name of detection. Say why you feel it is ok.

If no fix in 4 days post back and I will stir  up someone to fix it if it is a false +ve detection.

If you are using the 13.6 version of security center you can exclude the file from scans but if it actually is a bad file this will cause you problems thus I suggest go the submission path..

This exclusion in Virus and Spyware Protection / Real Time Scanning

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