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How much can McAfee stop?

Long story and I will try to keep it short.  If someone in my house has ill intent and excellent IT skills....could they possibly have written something on my computer that bypasses McAfee and they are recording what I write even with McAfee?  They already hit my cell phone as well. I can see where their computer keeps trying to open ports that are associated with spyware.  Thanks....confused.

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Re: How much can McAfee stop?

If it is written and McAfee has not seen it I suppose it is possible best to do a scan with the following scanners.

Getsusp it will send to McAfee anything new  it finds be sure to  add your email address to its preferences

Malwarebytes install the free version not the trial as it will clash with McAfee


see what they find

You can get them and some more here

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Re: How much can McAfee stop?

Moved this to Home User Assistance as the best spot for it.

Those 3 programmes, GetSusp, Malwarebytes Free and AdwCleaner should catch anything like that, but I would have thought McAfee would have detected a keylogger as you described it.

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