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How do I remove virus that create .exe version of file and folders and hides them


I have Virus in My System.. Its Creating .EXE (Application ) files in all the Folders.

For example, if the Folder Name is One, In side the Folder One, its Creating One.exe

if the Folder Name is First, In side the Folder First, its Creating First.exe

Any Solution for this?  all i need is one simeple tool to remove that.

Please note that i have a valid McAfee subciption that is up to date and I have ran full system scan yet it did not detect this, but each time I take my pen drive to another system , I am told it infect. and I confirm this as my pc is behaving funny now.

I have ran vaurtual technical , nothing was detected by it.

Please HELP

Thanks in advance

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Re: How do I remove virus that create .exe version of file and folders and hides them

This is an old virus must have been revamped.

Old thread on it

Try running a scan in safe mode and from what I read best to delete all restore points and disable autorun as they are infected or be used by the virus. Usually restoring to a point before the virus is a good 1st try but several posts online imply not to.

then run

and run Getsusp

You can also find support for it in that group and provide feedback.  The actual download is available HERE.

Please read this McAfee article: Required Reading - Home User Assistance, Malware Troubleshooting

Add your email address to the preferences Your will be notified of any fixes for any suspect files that are sent automatically to Mcafee

If you can isolate the malware that isn't being detected you can try submitting it to McAfee Laboratories.

There are some other tools online but as Mcafee did not detect it it might be a new detection

good luck

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