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How do I remove Lela Updater, Lela 3.1 from my computer?

Service Request #: 453881361
-    Created Date: 02/09/2010 12:46:05
-    Description: re Virussales ploy

I have an older Dell Dimension 8300 PC, operating system is Windows XP.  ISP is AT&T DSL offering McAfee Security Center.  While surfing the internet, I  encountered a recurring pop-up that claimed my computer was infected with some kind of virus and amazingly enough, this pop-up offered virus protection for $50 that would solve all my problems...  It was apparently not detected by McAfee, but seemed to slow my computer and keeps popping up.  Initially, it disabled all attempts to return to the internet and I was unable to run my McAfee scan.  It also appeared to be able to shut off McAfee as I kept getting a message saying that I was not protected, yet I never intentionally turned off any of my McAfee protection.  When I run a McAfee scan, no virus is detected, but the '' virus scan suggests there is one present in my computer.  Other than running slowly now, the only thing that remains irksome is a pop-up called Lela Updater Lela 3.1 asking if I want to install now or later.  How do I get somebody from McAfee to respond and resolve?

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Re: How do I remove Lela Updater, Lela 3.1 from my computer?

Hi Mcjason,

Apart from the lela updater, do you receive anyother pop up from a different security software ?

May I know do you have a router from linksys ?


Dinesh K

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Re: How do I remove Lela Updater, Lela 3.1 from my computer?

Hello Dinesh - No, I don't have any other pop-ups offering security products.  My router is a 2wire.  Hope this helps...

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Re: How do I remove Lela Updater, Lela 3.1 from my computer?

As a precautionary measure I moved this to the malware section but this could. from what I gather from a  Google search, be related to your router.  Is it Linksys by any chance?

It's the software updater for Linksys telling you that it's either got an update or checking for one.

Check with the user guide on how to update it meanwhile you can stop this pop-up by doing the following (quote from the internet):

Step 1: Go to start run and type the command "services.msc". If you  prefer another way, you may use it but all I did is OPEN WINDOWS  SERVICES WINDOW

Step 2: Find "Linksys Updater"  service. Double-click and open the service properties. The Startup  Type would be "Automatic".

Step 3: Now the 1st change  you should do is change the Startup Type to "Disabled".  So next time this process doesnt wake up when you boot your computer.

Step  4: Just hit Stop button which will stop the current  process as well.

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