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How do I prevent McAfee from deleting a file?

I have been using Humanized Enso for years on my multiple machines ( McAfee has recently disabled this program by deleting a required file and I cannot reinstall because it gets deleted immediately. This has happened on all the Windows boxes that use McAfee. I just lost all the commands I had taught the program over the years. How do I prevent McAfee from deleting the program file?

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Re: How do I prevent McAfee from deleting a file?

You'll have to first disable the virus protection and submit the file to McAfee Labs.  They are prettty quick in responding.

Guidelines here:

You can only ignore files if they are detected as PUP's (Possibly Unwanted Programs) then the pop-up gives you that opportunity.

Ignoring other files is a feature that we have asked for unsuccessfully.

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