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How can I remove recycler virus from my laptop (windows 7)?

Hello, pls, I need to know how to remove recycler virus from my laptop using Mcafee Total protection or any other way, somebody should help out pls.

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Re: How can I remove recycler virus from my laptop (windows 7)?

Try running some of the tools mentioned here

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

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Re: How can I remove recycler virus from my laptop (windows 7)?

Hi kolataab,

              Welcome to the McAfee Communities. This particular (Nasty) could possibly introduced itself to your system via, Bit-Torrent Downloads, Removable Storage Devices, USB, etc. There are many articles in relationship to this particular infection, and different variants. Which also requires deletion of some registry entries, to prevent it returning upon Reboot.

              Just My "Personal"  first suggestion would to be;Download/install the Latest Getsusp and make certain you submit your Email Address, under "Prefernces" before scanning. This will submit all suspicious files to McAfee Labs.

              Upon doing so, you should receive a Confirmation email in return,verifying it is under analysis

             There will will a "Work Item ID # " Please record this for possible future needs.This tool and others mentioned can be located below my Signature,in the last link. "Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools"

               I would then next run McAfee Rootkit Remover in Administrator Mode. After installation, right click on program,and "Run as Administrator"

                 In some scenarios/articles it is suggested to Download/Install Malwarebyte ( Free) and run in Normal Mode.. Other articles even go as far as stating for one to "Disable System Restore" before running, which removes the infection form all previous restore points as well.

                 Do not forget to (Turn back on) after doing so. Should you determine your system is now free of this Nasty, create a (New) Restore point. As for possibly having to remove certain Registry keys from your system, you may obtain Expert assistance form Bleeping Computer/ Hijackthis. These individuals are uniquely qualified in such matters,and are deemed "Highy Reputable".

                    I hope is some small way , this helps to resolve your problem.

                   By chance others whom may pick up this thread, could possibly add to this discussion.

I edited my post in regards to Running Malwarebytes. It is designed to function best when ran in (Normal Mode). Only run in "Safe Mode with Networking, should you have difficulties removing said infection. Even then, it is recommended to run a "Full" scan, opposed to a "Quick Scan" under normal circumstances will suffice.

Wishing you the very Best,


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