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How can I remove SECURITY SUITE

How can I removed a program(virus) from my computer(windows vista)if the antivirus installed on my computer cannot stop it.the program installed itself and is requesting me to buy a antivirus from a company SECURITY SUITE.this program locked many fctions on my laptop. I cannot open files, programs and websites on my laptop. there is a message coming up on the screen saying:" windows security alert,application cannot be execute because of files infected".

how can I removed this program?

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Re: How can I remove SECURITY SUITE

If it is AV Security Suite there is an excellent removal guide here:

Scroll down the page and do not click those first links you see as they are advertising.

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Re: How can I remove SECURITY SUITE

Here's another forum thread about Security Suite malware:

on 8/28/10 1:14:43 PM CDT
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