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Hidden folder worm issues

I have Mcafee internet security (downloadable version) installled on my laptop. Lately, all my memory sticks/flash drives were hit wth what I believe to be the "hidden folder" worm/virus as many folders on then cannot be seen unless you uncheck "do not show hidden folders" in folder options.

My question is, while I have inadvertently used these on my laptop (not lately though), my laptop remains intact so far so it seems internet security does prevent propagation of the worm on the laptop but it is not able to identify or clean the flash drives.

Is there a worm/virus fix tool by Mcafee that can do this? And which site/email address can I send suspicious a autorun.ini file in a compressed folder as I do seem to remember Mcafee offering this service? Does it anymore?


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Re: Hidden folder worm issues

Moved this to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.

Your main antivirus shoudl be able to scan the entire machine for such things, provided they are plugged in of course.

If not try the FREE version of THIS tool after updating it of course.

Yes there's a file submission service HERE.

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