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Help with Artemis!C2BB796295ea trojan

Hi, Any help would be greatly appreciated. This morning I got two alerts from my total protection software that I had two PUP detected. Artemis!350055FCDF14 and Artemis!C2BB796259EA. Mcafee couldn't remove either one of them. I did some looking around this forum and downloaded the stinger program. After running stinger, Artemis!350055FCDF14 was removed. However artemis!C2BB796259EA remained. I ran stinger a second time and it still wouldn't remove the trojan. According to stinger the infected file is C:\Windows\Installer\$PatchCache$\Managed\32391A35A71922842BE75AD7E16F9ECF\9.4.3002\_C9D6A74C91D2F4F6226A58B010A63CC2

I can't seem to find this file.

Any Ideas?

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Re: Help with Artemis!C2BB796295ea trojan

For Detection: Artemis!350055FCDF - file has been detected as "potentially unwanted program Corrupt-EP"

Due to advanced cleaning techniques needed for cleaning of this threat, it's recommended that you use the Beta DATs for detection and cleaning.  The Beta DATs can be found at the following site:

I am unable to find this detection - Artemis!C2BB796259EA, please submit the sample to (, It should be in a password-protected ZIP file (password - infected).

You can find detailed instructions for how to do this at <>

If you have a system where you can do a test scan, you may first wish to try our beta DailyDATs to get the latest detection available.   You can find this on our web-site at:


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Re: Help with Artemis!C2BB796295ea trojan

Marking as assumed answered due to age of post

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