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Help please with McAfee scan results?

Last Saturday I got this big blue screen that said I had a virus.  I googled and ended up with Iyogi who fleeced me out of a wad of money before I realized it was not McAfee I was talking to.  They got on my computer and after a couple of hours said all was well they got rid of the virus.

Then I noticed my Internet protection was off.  I called them back they couldn't help.  Then I got the McAfee popup that I needed to restart my computer for updates to load.  When I clicked on that I got the blue screen with the virus warning again.

Then I called McAfee and paid them to check my computer, after spending another hour on the phone with a person I could barely understand and a very bad phone connection he said he couldn't find any virus on the computer and would process a refund.

I have run two full scans that say all is well but then when I look at the results it lists a trogan.  WTH this is not a problem?

Can anyone help me McAfee apparently cannot.

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