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Help! How to remove Adware.Bprotect

Suddenly I have a pop up for McAvee Plus that Accelesys.dll or Adware.Bprotect!, Adware.Bprotect.a, Adware.Bprotect.b and Adware.Bprotect.c are present. I want to get rid of them.  I ran the scan and it Quarantined 1 virus, but I'm still getting the pop up from McAvee all the time. I did restart.  Help

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Reliable Contributor Peacekeeper
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Re: Help! How to remove Adware.Bprotect

Where is it saying the adware is found? Is it saying it found all of them and does it find all same after a reboot?

Reliable Contributor exbrit
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Re: Help! How to remove Adware.Bprotect

Moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.

Adware-Bprotect is a PUP (a "Possibly Unwanted Program"), not a virus or trojan according to the McAfee page about it HERE.  Locate it in your Quarantine folders by opening SecurityCenter, click Navigation, then scroll down to  Quarantined and Trusted Items  and it should be in one of those sections and that should indicate the path it came from which might give you a clue as to what is causing the detection.

Probably some software you have installed or something connected with your machine is the culprit.   Also check your browsers for unwanted add-ons, toolbars and suchlike and get rid of whatever you don't need, also check your Program list in Control Panel for the same.

Try running Stinger and perhaps also Malwarebytes Free, see the last link in my signature below.


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