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Have a Virus 'Total Protection" does not eliminate. What now?

Have a virus Total Protection does not eliminate. What now?

Greetings! Long time user of McAfee products. Have a brand new HP laptop computer running Windows 10. I am up to date on all McAfee, Windows, and HP updates. Have a virus that came in from my old computer somehow. I found it, and isolated it; have also taken ownership of the files like Ex-Brit taught me to do several years ago with another problem. I have them ring-fenced, but I don't know how to get rid of them.

The virus is: $SysReset\Scratch\csrss.exe. There are files in several different locations. I'm not even sure I have found them all, but for now at least, the colors are not changing, the time is not changing, and I am being allowed to do updates (they had shut down McAfee updates as well as Windows updates, also turning off a great number of services.

HP won't help me (without me paying a hefty fee) because the computer is not malfunctioning, the hardware is great, it's just contaminated. My ISP won't help me without paying $150. fee for virus removal. The joker that contaminated my old computer had the nerve to call me and demand $500. to remove the virus from my computer. Everybody wants money and I just spent $900. on the new computer, so that leaves me to try to fix it myself. I hope someone there has heard of this scam and knows how to get it out of a computer.

Thank you for listening to me. I hope someone who reads this has a suggestion. In the meantime, I can read and look at the news but I don't dare put in a Credit Card number to order anything as I am afraid they will use it against me. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have to help me!

Your greatful client,