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Have I been Hijacked?

I had an issue with Mcafee Virus scan on both my PC and Laptop on Tuesday 22nd January. The issue was that the real time scan was not working and my computer was at risk. I decided to try the virtual technician - to no avail. Then I decided to try the online chat tool. My first attempt with Jazim Jamal was unsuccesful and so I made contact again, this time with Fasil Kh. On both chats, I did allow them to remote access my PC and it was on the second attempt with Fasil that Mcafee was uninstalled and reinstalled and all was well with the anti virus software. I then attempted the same on my laptop, without the assistance of any remote access, and uninstalled and reinstalled the software myself all working well. However, on my PC the internet did not work due to a winsoc error and another error. I spoke to one of our IT guys at work and he advised me to try the CMD prompt - but it did not show me as the administrator, and the error kept appearing. I have since uninstalled the internet from that computer, as it is not used that much. But I am now very concerned as on my laptop it shows that suspicious connections are beeing blocked from my router IP address? Am I right to worry and are there any tests that I can carry out to check if something untoward has happened? I did receive emails from Mike at Mcafee with the service call details, so I am satisfied that all is legit, but how well can you trust somebody. I am probably being paranoid, but I am just concerned by the amount of suspicious connection blocked from my router.

Thank you

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Re: Have I been Hijacked?

The firewall will report lots of blocked attempts as that is FYI only and happens to us all.  As to whether or not it should be blocking your router that would be best checked by Technical Support I would imagine.

Normally in Firewall settings > My Network Connections, a router would be shown by its IP address, is it there?

Is your router secure in itself?   If used wirelessly are you using encryption?  They will ask you that so best to check.

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