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Google tools and gadgets

I have a problem with my PC and the internet. I'm not sure how everythign started but all my files were deleted and now every time I open Internet expored is asking me to install Goolge tools. When I went to look for my documents the only folder there was google gadgets (empty folder) I'm not sure how to get rid off this - Help!

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Re: Google tools and gadgets

Moved to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance, as this appears malware-related more than anything else.

It would help to know what McAfee products and versions you have installed.  Double-click your taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

If it's the 2009 version with the square taskbar icon click About at the lower right-hand corner and post what version numbers are shown for each application.

If it's the 2010 version with a shield in the taskbar then click Navigation nat top right and then About at left and post the same information asked for previously.

Right-click My Computer (XP), Computer (Vista/Windows 7) and go to Properties and post what that says about operating system and service pack.

Follow the guidelines in this document:

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