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Google Hijack

I am not sure if this is the correct thread/group or what ever but this is the product I do have.  If this is not the correct forum or if this subject has been covered else where please let me know, but finding information for me on this site is like looking for needle in a hay stack.

I have what is refered to as the Google Hijack virus

It is opperating in both my Firefox Browser (where it sends me to random sites) and Internet Explorer (where it sends me to some x-rated sites)

I have the latest build and updated 3-user Total Protection (as of two days ago)

I also have Spybot and Malwarebytes completely updated.

I have run McAfee and the other two programs to try to clean my system but I still have the infection(s)

McAfee on quick scan will not find anything, but on full scan finds infection.  Spybot shows my system clean.  When I run McAfee and Malwarebytes it will find and clear infections.  If I run a McAfee scan right after another McAfee scan the second time it will come out clean.  If I wait a period of time (like 4-6 hours) and then run the second scan the second scan will come up positive again.  The same pattern applies to Malwarebyte.

If I run a McAfee scan that is positive and then follow it up with a Malwarebytes scan (or visa versa) both times they will come up positive.

Once I run a McAfee scan and clean, if I pull up Google, I will about 3-6 normal Google search clicks but after that the virus kicks in again.

Additionally about 3 times a day McAfee alerts me to a threat by something known as "PrcViewer"  It asks me what to do.  click on remove.  McAfee comes back with a alert that it will attempt to remove, some other things may happen, then it comes back and says it was successfully removed.

To run a full McAfee scan it takes over 6 hours.  Malwarebytes 4 hours.  This is getting real old.  Can McAfee fix this problem?  Am I doing something wrong.

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Re: Google Hijack

Yep, having a similar thing here. Started yesterday. There appears to be a new variation of the google hijack trojan out there (probably as result of the recent international problems Google has had).

I got this as a stealth install out of a banner ad, and couldn't click cancel fast enough to stop it. It slipped in a ton of things, all of which I have cleared, but I cannot release this last piece. Any attempt to get to is interrupted, dropped to a fake/look alike google, and then any search pulls up malicious results. This is happening in IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

McAfee so far has failed to identify and clean this out.

Any suggestions/help?

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Re: Google Hijack

I got rid of mine but McAfee and their product was pretty much useless.  Their basic approach is before you buy is that they will provide you with total protection on the Web and after you buy, is gosh you must have done something wrong like get on the Internet, but if you spend 90 bucks more we will get rid of it for you!

Go to this You-Tube site and follow this guy's instructions.  Basically he will have you down load and run 4 free versions of other anti-malware products.  The four products are Anti-malwarebytes, Alvira, and SuperAntispyware products.  I believe it was SuperAntispyware that cleaned this problem from my computer.  McAfee said my system was clean, but between these three free trial version programs they found over 100 bugs on my computer!  Makes you think McAfee's product" Total Protection" should more appropriately be called, "Kind-of Protection"

Any way here are the links.  I hope it helps.

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