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Get rid of Play Search Now

Hi, the only reason I bought McAfee is to get rid of the "program" Play Search Now

I can't reset the my browser page. Each time it reverts back to their website (PLay Search Now). I ran a complete analysis with McAfee and it's still there

Before that I believe I tried everything suggested in the Apple Communities and other forum (some of them suggested that I buy McAfee which I did):




- Start my Macbook Air in safe mode 


- Launch Safari.

- Download, Install , open, and run it by clicking “Scan” -  - Turn all extensions off in Safari and uninstall all extensions I haven’t installed knowingly.

- Safari > Preferences > Search > Search Engine :

Select my preferred search engine.(Google)

- Safari > Preferences > General > Homepage:(

- Restart normally using the “Restart” button.

Test Safari: PLay Serach Now is still there....

What can I do???