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Generic.dx - the virus that won't be beat!

OK after running Mcafee, Norton 360, Adaware, Spybot, AVG, Vundoo removal, Stinger, SDFix and numerous other 'fixes' I managed to get rid of a total of 65 trojans, 19 virus & over 100 malware problems off my laptop. NIGHTMARE.
However, when I start it up I still get the same message over & over from Mcafee which informs me that

detected file name:

virus name:

VirusScan suggests:
The detected file cannot be cleaned. Please delete the file and replace it with a clean copy.

Now, no matter what I do - delete, quarantine, exclude etc. nothing gets rid of this file/message & it keeps reappearing. I have tried pretty much everything I can think f and find on the internet.
All scans etc. have been done in both normal and safe mode - what I don't understand is that if McAfee can see & recognise this file then why can't it kill it in safe mode?

PLEASE HELP ME with this problem as I have been trying for 2 months to get rid of it. I repeat, I have tried all solutions from AVG through to Norton 360 but nothing gets rid of this last problem. Does it even really exist of is McAfee confused??

I have also see this thread relating to a similar problem which asked the user to download AVG etc.

My version of McAfee is:

VirusScan Home Edition v 7.03.60000
Virus definitions: 4.0.5121
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RE: Generic.dx - the virus that won't be beat!


Send the file to the lab,if known.

What operating system/service pack do you have,click start>right click my computer>click on properties>general tab.

Save SmitFraudFix (by S!Ri) to your desktop.

Install this programme >>Here<< update its definitions.

Once updated click on the Scanner Tab>then Settings>click on Recommended Action and set it to Quarantine>then boot into Safe Mode.

Start tapping F8 when system starts>select Safe Mode from options.Log into your normal account(username).

In safe mode double click on SmitFraud and select option 2,after running Smitfraud run AVG(complete system scan),when AVG has finished scanning remember to click on Apply All Actions if anything is found,then boot back into normal mode

RE: Generic.dx - the virus that won't be beat!

OK I did all that Smitfraud removed half a dozen trojans & malaware, AVG found 17 threats including 2 trojans & I applied all actions (quarantine). It then listed these with 'error in deletion' or 'error in quarantine' without further explanation.
I rebooted in normal mode & the problem has not been removed & still give me the original eror message about 'generic.dx'.

This has to go down as another fail I'm afraid!

RE: Generic.dx - the virus that won't be beat!

Have you sent c:\windows\system32\hrum347.txt to the lab yet.

You can do this below.

Also can you upload c:\windows\system32\hrum347.txt file to S!Ri channel and he can add it to his tool.

Then upload c:\windows\system32\hrum347.txt and click on Send File

Let me know when that is done.

RE: Generic.dx - the virus that won't be beat!

As the original poster has not responded since 16th December, this thread is closed.

Re: RE: Generic.dx - the virus that won't be beat!

As we have no indicative that we received a sample for analysis and the thread has been closed, I'm going to lock the thread.

If you are still seeing the detection of "generic.dx", please submit a file for further analysis. Instructions on how to submit samples for analysis can be found at:

Best Regards,