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Generic dx!b2yh, how to proceed?


I received the following message from Mcafee:

"Virus or threat detected: Generic dx!b2yh."

It did not indicate whether it had been fixed or deleted and the quarantine file was empty.

-I run a full scan which was clean.

-I  deleted the Mcafee software,  re-installed.  and run a new scan which is also clean.

Am I safe to assume that my computer is not infected?  or should I do other checks?

(Windows XP and McAfee Internet security installed)

Shuld add that Malwarebytes also does not show any probem.

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Re: Generic dx!b2yh, how to proceed?

The name as given is the most basic detection information -

If it were a specific instance of that generic detection the name would have an alphanumeric suffix, and the instructions for the full threat name would tell you what to do.

If a full scan shows nothing, and Malwarebytes shows nothing, then this was presumably blocked before it could take any action. You should probably continue to watch for signs of anything unusual but it looks as if you're okay.

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Re: Generic dx!b2yh, how to proceed?

Many thank Hayton,

No additional problems encountered. Surprised however that the Mcafee mesage did not state action taken>

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