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Generic PUP. u

Hi I keep getting a pop up warning from mcafee asking me if I want to remove this  programme  Generic PUP.u  . I've found the file  WebSearch\ sprotector.dll   the file has an uninstall which I 've attempted to use but get the  message part way through the uninstall  process \syswow64\nvinit.dll the module could not be found McAfee gives the option of allowing this program, I'm tempted to do this as the warning pops up continuously  I would be grateful for any help with this Thank you

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Level 21

Re: Generic PUP. u

There's a fair amount of discussion on the web about that.  I would try running Malwarebytes Free as linked in the last link in my signature below.   Note that it can be run in Safe Mode of necessary if it can't remove anything in regular mode.  Also note, in order to keep it free of charge, do NOT accept the free trial.   Just remember to update it before each use.

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