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Flooding and hibernation problems.


I hope you can help me somehow..  Whenever I boot up, and go into a page where you have to "log in" to something, rather like here I suppose, then it will do either of two things.  Either it will deny me, or it will flood me out and open successive pages of the same thing.  And then I don't have any control over the PC and it will go straight into hibernation mode, and I have to reboot again.  More often than not, it opens multiple windows and floods me out completely.

Have done full scans on Mcafee, and done successive full scans on Malwarebytes Anti-malware.  Have no idea what's going wrong.. Would appreciate any help!  thanks in advance!

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Re: Flooding and hibernation problems.


Please check this KB article for hibernation:

Did you try disabling the hibernation mode:

1. Right click on desktop screen

2. Goto 'Properties' select 'screensaver' tab then click on power

3. then select hibernate and remove the tick mark

Hope this helps

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