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Firewall Question..


My Firewall will not stay "On". I've tried everything I can think of. Are there any suggestions?

Thank you,


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Re: Firewall Question..

Hi Fairlight,

I have recently experienced Firewall, real time scanning and virus protection off.  All the forums I looked at say uninstall then reinstall, that did not work for me, however when I browsed ' MY ACCOUNT ' with Mcafee I discovered that my credit card details were incorrect. When corrected an instant fix ensued.

Hope that works for you,


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Re: Firewall Question..

I just thought the firewall activates depending on the time set. I didn't set it to anything and I thought it is automatic. Now I know it is not normal. How can I fix it?

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Re: Firewall Question..

So it says enable in the firewall settings ie it is disabled and you can enable it? Ie eb and email protection /firewall turn on.

If it disables immediately you may have a virus some turn off Mcafee components

But first set firewall to defaults restart Pc.

If no go run Mcafee virtual technician from the tech support site and see if it sees anything

Run in order

stinger this and getsup do not auto update so need redownloading to get latest versions


Malwarebytes from here...

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

If still an issue call Technical support from the link further up.

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