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False threat - Trojan-FDCD! 854B8D7AAD0C & Trojan-FDCD! DF40CF7AA385

Hello,i would like to request for these files to be trusted

Trojan-FDCD! 854B8D7AAD0C - uplay_r1.dll
Trojan-FDCD! DF40CF7AA385 - steam_api.dll

These are the files from the PC game, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I could not lauch the game because McAfee has quarantined these files (uplay_r1.dll) and (steam_api.dll). I am sure that these files are safe and I decided to attach these files in this discussion for analysis. I hope this issue will be resolved ASAP. Thank you.

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Level 20

Re: False threat - Trojan-FDCD! 854B8D7AAD0C & Trojan-FDCD! DF40CF7AA385

First please do not attach files here I have to remove them.

Submit each separately as described here

when you get the auto detection reply post the analysis id here and reply to the email by changing the subject to False detection of Trojan******

Say why you think it false and if no fix in 4 days post back and I will escalate it.

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