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False possitive Artemis!5490F131035A

Good day.
I am a brandmanager of BrandGuard and represent my clients -
producer of idlecrawler software.

Application Idlecrawler has detected like a virus

I would like you to review my application and whitelist it.

There is file with zip - pass 1111

1.Download and install from our server special tool Web Research Tool (WRT)
2.For storage uses a key in the registry: HKCU \ Software \ Idle-Crawler
3.for work WRT working folder is created in the directory% TEMP%
4.For communication with WRT listening TCP port number: 38950
5.For communication with WRT implemented based on Web Socket and use Plain Text
6.Give support of real-WRT:

1 immitation of mouse actions
2. receiving and storage
3. managing working time

Web Research Tool (WRT)
1.Program is based on open source project chromium (
2. instrument implemented so that would not interfere with the user and does not consume a lot of resources
3. instrument performs search and research work autonomously
4. For corrections work uses javascript extension
5. All actions are performed only on files in the working directory

1.Creat WRT working directory for the specified address
2.katalog contains: 1.Installation for primary initialization
2.javascript expansion

Tasks Scheduler

Idle-Crawler Runner uses the primary workflow (Idle-Crawler.exe)
Idle-Crawler Update mode Idle checks for new updates on a server

Check it out again please

Anastasia Tuchkina,
brand manager

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Re: False possitive Artemis!5490F131035A

Attaching samples breaks the forum terms of service so have removed.  If you wish to submit false Artemis claims read here:

That explains what's happening and what you can do to dispute the claim and submit to the labs if necessary.,

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