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False positive Artemis!839A361A0826

Just as the name states, Artemis!839A361A0826 is a false positive report McAfee is throwing from an old game (Silent Storm: Sentinels). McAfee identifies it as a trojan and stops SENTINELS.EXE from the disc at F:\bin from working and deletes the same exe, SENTINELS.exe, from the install folder C:\program files (x86) \ JoWood \ Silent Storm - Sentinels. The attached picture is a screenshot of additional details. Both the scanner and the real-time protection flag this as a threat. I hesitiate to give you guys a copy of the .exe, since this is an actual game protected by copyright laws and do not wish to violate them so.

This is very irritating, as it means that I must drop my antivirus to play this game and would rather not. I am absolutly sure this is just a game, and not anything else, as I am installing it from the original install discs purchased many years ago. Since I found out that we cannot create our own trusted programs lists, I was hoping the guys at McAfee could rectify this.

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Re: False positive Artemis!839A361A0826


Artemis!839A361A0826 has been suppressed. Kindly allow up to two hours for this update to reflect in GTI system.



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