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False “no internet connection” error. Applications unable to update.

iTunes store was the catalyst because it returns error messages it cannot connect to the internet.  (Has full access in McAfee firewall settings.) Through various forums one suggestion was to make sure security software was up-to-date, which led to the discovery the McAfee software is also affected.


Manual updates: software returns message there is no internet connectivity, however there is, just not for some update software.  McAfee software is setup for automatic updates.

Virtual Technician: returns error to check internet connectivity and try again.

All McAfee software has full access in the firewall settings.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is also unable to update due to no internet connection.

Windows updates appear up-to-date as specified by

Windows Defender was updated today. (Why did this automatically update?  Because it is a Windows app?) A full scan indicates there is no unwanted or harmful software.

I have not found a current post for anything similar to this update connectivity issue, so it’s my bad if I missed it.  My PC was infected by XP Antivirus Pro scareware in February 2010.  Any validity this is part of the same issue, although software seems to have been working A-OK between mid-February and mid-April, or something entirely new, and of course, what to do to fix?  Thanks for thinking about it and posting.

Here are my current stats.

Security Center Ver 10.0

Build: 10.0.580

Affid: 0-895

Last update: 4/16/2010

VirusScan Ver 14.0

Build: 14.0309

Last update: 4/16/2010

DAT: 5953.0000  (Why isn't the current DAT file posted on to download?  Even a mention of the current DAT file name!)

DAT Creation Date: 4/16/2010

Personal Firewall Ver 11.0

Build 11.0.378

Last update: 2-20-2010

Windows XP, Service pack 3, IE8, no proxy settings in Internet Tools > Connections > LAN settings

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Re: False “no internet connection” error. Applications unable to update.


After posting the "no internet connection" issue and before walking away from the PC last night, I ran chkdsk for the third time since this all started and attempted to run chkdsk/f, which as in all previous times, indicated it could not as it was locked by a process but was asked if I wanted to run it on startup.  Once again I restarted, chkdsk ran on startup but then I just shut down since I was fed up.  I found the chkdsk tip, maybe in this community, as advice for someone else who was having connection troubles.  This morning after a cold boot, I tried McAfee again and lo and behold, it started to update/install and has been for about 30 minutes with only 50% completed so far. iTunes is also able to access the store w/o error messages.

After 3x, did chkdsk finally fix something?  I cynically expect this good feeling to end just as quickly as it started up again.

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