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False Trojan?

Just installed the Total Protection suite.

It found 2 games with this error on the initial scan...

About this Trojan
Detected: New (Trojan)
Quarantined From: C:\Games\Chewsters\Chewsters.exe

The above is one and both list the same trojan. I can 'restore' the EXE file, but as soon as I try to execute it, it pops up the message and quarantines the file.

Is it really a Trojan? I've been using it for a while with another security suite and it never found it to be a problem? How can I make it 'trusted'?

Other vendors have the trojan under another name,

Aliases: Packed.Win32.NSAnti.b (Kaspersky), New !! (McAfee), Infostealer (Symantec), TR/Crypt.NSAnti.Gen (Avira), Mal/Packer (Sophos),

Still none tell me how to verify that the 2 games are a problem? Should I assume they are and delete them?

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RE: False Trojan?

You might want to submit the file to Avert. If it comes back with a 'standard', "virus detected...", reply then follow up with another email... could be a false positive, could be a real virus/malware... as other vendors have this one with another name then it's probably really malware instead of a simple game...

Sent off to McAfee

Jubo, it couldn't be done using the link you provided. Total Protection moves the file to quarantine, from which I recovered it from, right back to quarantine immediately once I try to access it. However, there is an option of sending it to McAfee from the RESTORE page. That seems to have worked.

I'll see what I get back as a report. Thanks.