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False Positive on Artemis!8DF3C1566E4F

File name is DASpecialLauncher.exe

It's for an Auto-Highlight and Tab-toggle program for Dragon Age Origins and McAfee keeps flagging it as a trojan. Keeps quarantining it even after I Restore it from Quarantine.

How would I go about getting that to stop?

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Re: False Positive on Artemis!8DF3C1566E4F

Please follow these Guidelines/Instructions :

Quite often Steam/Minecraft/Foxhud Downloads get detected, as well as others. In most cases eventually get cleared.

All the very Best


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Re: False Positive on Artemis!8DF3C1566E4F

Appreciate it, cheers.

Re: False Positive on Artemis!8DF3C1566E4F


                  You are quite welcome   After allowing the appropriate time to be Processed/Analyzed. If not resolved, please post back the Analysis ID # and we can contact someone from McAfee Labs. And quite possibly expedite the process.

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