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False Positive McAffe Potential Illegal Software

Hello, I have already restored the site, it is 100% clean and I am sure of that, despite this I have already requested 2 reviews in which they continue to say that the site has illegal software, and I am absolutely sure it is a false positive, how to proceed now? Here is the answer from the last review I requested

Status:Reviewed URL:hxxps://www_filmesonlinehd1x_com Initial categories: Potential Illegal Software Post-review categories: Illegal Software Which List: ts Please allow the Web Reputation some time to update. In some cases, the Web Reputation shown at the time of the ticket closure may not reflect the updated Web Reputation. Updates at times may take longer to complete. Please consult to verify the published Web Reputation for any given URL or IP address. List Number Closed: - *** Please Note: The URLs in this ticket report have been modified. http(s):// has been replaced by hxxp(s):// ftp:// has been replaced by fxp:// Any dots . have been replaced by an underscore _ Online status for ticket_id 1937552:

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Re: False Positive McAffe Potential Illegal Software


I have submitted it for a new review.

Hopefully they will categorize it properly this time.

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