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False Artemis!FBD61E02DF2C

False Artemis!FBD61E02DF2C. please clear this file

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Re: False Artemis!FBD61E02DF2C

Hi there,

I was purchasing through the net yesterday 12.07.2013, once I have finished, I recognize Mcafee threat on the desk bar icon, I checked out, Artemis! …… letters and numbers, could be this one, I am not sure, ‘’Artemis!FBD61E02DF2C’’, Mcafee ask me to select one out of two: ‘’trust’’ or ‘’quarantine’’, then I selected quarantined at once, I was worried because it was defined as a Trojan. But it was there while I was purchasing, so what is the risk for me? And if macfee recognise the virus before asking me to trust or quarantine, I mean before asking me it will be active or inactive, this ArtemisFB……, YI3NI does Mcafee deactivate the virus once it’s found or it will wait until I deactivate myself through quarantine? This is really a serious issue .Then if the site advisor is green is that safe to buy through net?, if my credit card data was seen by this virus, then what shall I do, do I have to deactivate it? waiting for your kind reply.

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