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False Artemis!F6680DD151EA‏

I got the file, "AutoHotkeySC.bin", from here, in the paragraph that says:

"Compiled scripts can be reduced in size by about 20 KB by placing this smaller version of the AutoHotkeySC.bin file in your AutoHotkey\Compiler folder (overwriting the existing file of the same name). Any compiled script produced in this fashion will be dependent on MSVCRT.dll. Although this DLL is always present on Windows 2000/XP or later, older operating systems do not necessarily have it."

I don't see how just disincluding a few functions and using a default Windows DLL instead would cause it to seem viral.

I just want to compile my 360noscope wallhacks yo (this am funny jokes)

EDIT: I just temporarily disabled real-time scanning, restored the file, and ran the compiler on one of my scripts.

Nothing suspicious there, according to Banking Suite.

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