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False Artemis D80DB89D8DE4

I have downloaded Black Glass which is a small program that changed windows explorer theme. I know for a fact that this is not a trojan and would like it to stop being automatically removed from my computer and be added as a trusted item. What do i need to make this happen.



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Re: False Artemis D80DB89D8DE4

Submit it as a false +ve follow

when they auto reply to the submission  reply back  to that email changing the subject to  False +ve and name of detection.

Say why you feel it is a false detection and post the analysis id number here. If in 4 days no fix is forthcoming post back and I will pindg someone to fix it manually.

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Re: False Artemis D80DB89D8DE4

I shortened your user name to qwerqwerqwerq so you will have to log in again using that to respond.    The previous version was too long for this board.

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