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Level 7

False Artemis! BackDoor-FACW!BE80F3987BD5

found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\GIGA\BALDRSKY_DIVE2\BALDRSKY中文版.exe

OS: Window 7 Home Service Pack 1

This is a lauch file of a game. Mcafee keeps deleting it whenever i try to start the game

消息编辑者为:kakkou on 2013/1/1 上午12時40分29秒
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Level 20

Re: False Artemis! BackDoor-FACW!BE80F3987BD5

forward the file zipped as per above to the email address shown in the link. They will auto reply saying found virus and name. Reply to the email changing the subject to False positive and name of detection say why you think it is a false +ve as well.

Post back here with the analysis id number and if no solution in say 3 days post again and I will ping a lab tech for you.

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Level 12

Re: False Artemis! BackDoor-FACW!BE80F3987BD5


This file seems malicious, please submit the sample (sample submission as per above reply), also provide source of this sample, where it was downloaded from or if related to some known application ( i.e. game name and download location).


Nitin Kumar

McAfee SME

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