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False Artemis!B5E3B1164AAC

The File in question is RunMassEffect2.exe, which (you guessed it) runs Mass Effect 2 without the pesky DLC authorization trouble. A legal copy of the game in question and illelal copies of the DLCs does not seem to creat any problem for anyone else.

The Artemis problem,together with no "Trusted" option makes this a highly annoying problem.

I hope somebody will look into this.

Also, should I send this to "" as well ? This being an .exe file, I don't think my mail client will like it.

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Level 7

Re: False Artemis!B5E3B1164AAC

EDIT to above.

I received a reply from the avertlabs email. The contents were as follow :

McAfee Labs - Beaverton                                                               

Current Scan Engine Version:5400.1158                                                 

Current DAT Version:6400.0000                                                         

Thank you for your submission.                                                        

Analysis ID: 6689880

File Name                             Findings                       Detection           Type     Extra


runmasseffect2.exe |inconclusive                |                                  |              |no  

inconclusive [runmasseffect2.exe]                                                                 

   Automated analysis was not able to determine that this file is malware. This file is  

being sent for further processing and the DAT files will potentially be updated if    

detection of this sample is warranted.

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