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False Artemis!B2D361D6CCFC


My name is Doug Wise and I am the managing director for Search Results and we distribute the Default Tab toolbar. Currently your software is flagging our software as Artemis!B2D361D6CCFC and we would like to work with you to have the virus flag removed.

We distribute our software through bundled downloads where we require users to accept the installation of our software prior to installing anything.

Please note that the default behavior for our installer is to not show a GUI because our software distribution is via bundled installs where our EULA & Disclosure are shown inside of our partner’s installers.

To test our installer please use the following procedure:

Download the exe, but do not run it - the installer must be run with command line parameters to correctly install. This point is very important because if the command line parameters are NOT entered our installer defaults to installing all of the features of the product (new home page, new default search engine and the Default Tab search box). With the command line parameters we selectively disable the features that the user has not explicitly selected to install.

Download link:

Option #1

1. From a command prompt enter: \DefaultTabSetup.exe cfg=7 affid=2355 db

2. Press enter

3. Default Tab will now be installed to the default Internet browser on the PC (IE, FF or Chrome)

Option #2

1. From a command prompt enter: \DefaultTabSetup.exe gui

2. Press enter

3. Follow the prompts to install the product

Default Tab is simply a search box that gets added next to the row of tabs in a browser and has no other functionality other than that.

A user can easily remove our software by going to add/remove programs and locating Default Tab and simply removing the software. On uninstall we do not leave any files behind; it is a clean and easy uninstall.

Please let me know what additional information I can provide.

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