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Level 7

False Artemis!AC560301A44C

I have been playing pangya, an online golf game. and yesterday the game was blocked by MCAfee because

MCAfee keep removing projectG.exe as a Trojan.

Please put the above Artemis in the whitelist and treat as a safe file.


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Level 21

Re: False Artemis!AC560301A44C

Moved to Artemis Discussion for attention of that department.

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Level 11

Re: False Artemis!AC560301A44C

Could you please download and run the file located on

If that file is getting detected and you get an email share the workflow id on next post-- alternatively you could select upload button- locate and upload the file in question and wait for email to be triggered to u with the details.


In case Email client in not being picked by Getsusp tool - your email address needs to be entered automaticall this can be verfied under preference button.

Hope this helps

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