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Level 7

False Artemis!AC3E0035EC84

I am trying to install my Madden 07 on my computer and I keep getting this Artemis code.  The installation stops at that point.  Can anyone help me out?  Thanks.

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Level 20

Re: False Artemis!AC3E0035EC84

It could be a false detection submit the file to Mcafee as per

When you get a reply reply to the email changing the subject to Possible false +ve detection and name of detection. Say why you think the file is ok and wait for it to be cleared. If no fix in 5 days post back here with teh analysis id you get in the reply and I will contact a lab tech to expediate the fix.

To email the file you may need to disable the Mcafee real time scanner till you email the file. Ensure you reenable it.

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