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False Artemis!9172D4B8E819


I am a representative of Tamindir, a popular software download platform which operates in Turkey,

Recently we realized that McAfee detects our downloaders as malware and deletes them. Tamindir downloaders are downloaded from url and our downloaders does not contain malware. They come with an extra software installation offer which is called This offer can be cancelled during the installation period and it is not a mandatory installation. You can cancel it by unchecking the marked field in the picture:

Even if a user installs it without realizing that they can cancel it, Homepage can be removed from Control Panel. Homepage registers itself in Add or Remove Programs panel and can be selected in the programs list:

Whenever a user runs the uninstall tool they can select their default homepage and search engine.

Would you please test the situation and white list all of our downloaders? We got dozens of downloaders stored in

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Re: False Artemis!9172D4B8E819

@ canerdil,

         Just by the fact that you mentioned one can (Cancel) a particular program during the installation, leaves one believing there quite possibly is a "Potentially Unwanted Program" bundled with-in your program. Especially if it involves the (Changing of one,s Homepage).

           I would refer you to this thread that Fellow Moderator Ex_Brit created in response to another OP:




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