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False Artemis!731C1CB21A3E

Friends and I want to play a Private Server for a game. The client, ClassicMS.exe continually gets quarrantined by McAfee, but I am positive it is safe, my friend's Anti Virus programs don't detect it (they use Avast!, AVG and MSE), and I've scanned the file with MalwareBytes Anti Malware while Real-Time scanning was off and it was clean, so I am almost 100% positive this is a false positive. It's located in C:/Nexon/ClassicMS and I'm pretty perturbed McAfee doesn't have a way to add programs to the trusted list.

I've sent an email to, but I havn't gotten a reply yet, and decided to post here to see if the process would go any faster, because my friends and I really wanna play the game together.


EDIT: The download is from, and the download is the fourth choice (the Game Client) on this page:

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Re: False Artemis!731C1CB21A3E

It's been 3 days since this post, and 2 days since I emailed a sample to, and no response of any kind whatsoever, not even an automated response letting me know they recieved the sample via email.

I am appaled McAfee does not have a feature to set a false detection they don't even know is malicious or not as trusted, in my opinion McAfee has no right to quarrantine programs they dont understand without giving the user the ability to trust it, at this point I might as well cancel my subscription and go pay for a better antivirus software that understands it can be wrong sometimes and allows me to correct it. The fact that there has been no communication frustrates me to no end, I would at least be semi-patient if I got any communication of any kind!

If someone from McAfee could please just recognise that I exist, that would be great. I understand these things take time, but the lack of communication makes me feel like my request has been brushed aside into a dusty file cabinet.

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