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Level 7

False Artemis!6251CDF2D427

I'm trying to download MapleStory but McAfee isn't letting me download the .exe file in the first place, stating that the .exe file is a trojan.

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Level 20

Re: False Artemis!6251CDF2D427

Ok follow this submission method

You may need to disable real time scanner to save the file to a zip file.


When you get a reply reply to it with The following

Subject line must say

Prefix the email subject line with the word FALSE. For example:

FALSE: In-house file being detected by McAfee(name of detection)

you could also add NOAUTO to prevent an automatic reply

Post the analysis ID here so if no fix in 5 days I will chase it up once you post back

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Level 9

Re: False Artemis!6251CDF2D427

Hello All,

This detection has been determined to be a false and has been suppressed. Kindly allow 2-3 hours for the results to replicate.



McAfee Labs

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