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False Artemis!5BA05FA79B9C

This stems from trying to remove a program called Internet Updater, created by Parallel Lines Development, LLC; the version is 2.6.57

I go into the Control Panel, select the program, and click the Uninstall/Change button. A moment later, I get a pop-up from McAfee titled, "Trojan Quarantined," and it tells me that I don't need to do anything else. However, the program is still on my computer, and no matter how many times I try this, it stays there. I even go into the McAfee Total Protection desktop app and delete the file, named "Artemis!5BA05FA79B9C" in the Quarantine section, but this doesn't help at all. I also tried sending it to McAfee three times, but each time it failed to go through. This thing must be very malicious...

I've tried Googling a way to remove this program, and read several reviews saying that it is definitely bad news, but they only offered suggestions of more software to download to remove it. Naturally, after finding this so difficult to remove, I'm somewhat weary of downloading more software from an untrusted site, no matter how much I'd like this thing off my computer.

So, if there is anything that you know will for sure wipe this program off my computer, and that you trust not to do anything other than that, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: False Artemis!5BA05FA79B9C

This particular program is considered to be an annoying PUP. You may find this article on this particular program informative.  HERE  In addition this program is associated with the "Notorious Conduit Toolbar" which in itself can be troublesome to remove.

You can start by removing both the executable "Updater", and "Internet Updater" from your Programs/Features. I then suggest you run "Adwcleaner,Junkware Removal Tool, followed up with Malwarebytes (Free Vesrsion only) All of these Superb Tools can be found below my Signature (Second Link)

Note: Please (Do not accept the Free Trial/or Activate) This will cause conflicts with McAfee, since by doing such will turn on the RTS Module in Malwarebytes. The (Free) Version will suffice in Detecting/Removing as it is designed to be compatible with all Anti-Virus Solutions.

Please post back your results.

Wishing you the very Best,


Edited for typos (In a Hurry)

In addition,please refrain from posting possible "Malicious Attachments" for the safety of others.

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Re: False Artemis!5BA05FA79B9C

Attachment removed.  It's against forum rules to attach samples.   Besides an Artemis designation means the labs already have it.

If you think it is a false finding here's what to do:

If something is identified, maybe wrongly as "Artemis" then McAfee already knows about it.  Merely send an email to with the Artemis detection name and the words "False Artemis!++++++++++++" (where ++++++++++++ is the 12-digit code given to it) as the subject line. (Minus the "").


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