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Level 7

False Artemis!504D52ACD5A7

The link below is a client for Multiplayer Quake 2 (Quake 2 version 3.20) that uses a .dll called anticheat.dll to keep people from cheating during multiplayer matches.  McAfee keeps flagging anticheat.dll, but it's not a virus. Anticheat.dll provides security on Quake 2 servers that use it.  <--- anticheat.dll is within this zip file, along with the r1q2 client executable.

All of the files in that zip, including anticheat.dll, go into the default Quake 2 directory. (for example: c:\quake 2\)

Anticheat.dll was originally created and is found at this site: 


Quake 2 Lithium Mod servers also use anticheat.dll.  The site mentions this particular dll in its quick setup page.

In fact, it even says:

"IMPORTANT:  Some Antivirus apps may detect ANTICHEAT.DLL as a Trojan or malware, this is FALSE.  Instruct your Antivirus to ignore or whitelist this DLL."


So, with all this in mind, please remove anticheat.dll from your virus list.  It is not a virus.

on 10/25/13 10:56:25 PM CDT
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Level 9

Re: False Artemis!504D52ACD5A7


This Artemis false has been suppressed. Kindly allow 2-3 horus for the results to replicate. There was also another detection ""RDN/Generic BackDoor!a trojan !!!" on this file. This too has been suppressed. This will be in the production DATs in 2 business days.



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