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False Artemis!49A4C5726B27

I haven't had a problem with this for several months and suddenly it is being recognized as a Trojan when it is not. Whenever I try to run Minecraft as of today, it doesn't load and I get a message from Mcafee telling me that a Trojan has been quarantined, and when I look through Navigation and Quarantined Items in Mcafee, it says that BOTH Minecraft Launcher.exe and Minecraft.exe are quarantined. Whenever I try to restore the items, it just goes right back into quarantine and it is extremely frustrating. Getting this resolved promptly would be spectacular.

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Re: False Artemis!49A4C5726B27

Disable real time scanning and restore the files and zip them up as mentioned here and forward them as mentioned in the link  to Mcafee.

You will get an immediate reply. Please reply to that changing subject of the email to False +ve and name of detection. Say in the email body why you think it is a false detection and post the analysis id number here.

If no fix in 4 days post back and I will stir a tech up.

Oh reenable real time scanning as soon as you email the files. Best to send them as two separate submissions.

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