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Level 7

False Artemis!293CC8397851


Im having a problem with my mcafee's Real time scanner. It keeps quaranting a Launcher.exe file. The launcher is for the game "The Stanley Parable" and without this file I cant play the game.

The Exact file specifics are as followed:

Name: Launcher.exe

Size: 1038 KB

Type of file: Application (.exe)

I hope this can get fixed, so I can start to play!!

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Level 20

Re: False Artemis!293CC8397851

Submit the file as per

you may have to disable real time scanner to send it.

You should get an auto detection reply with an analysis id.

Post the id here and reply to that email changing the subject to False +ve and name of detection.

Say where you got the file from and make sure the id number stays with the email body. If no fix in 4 days post back and I will bump it up the ladder.

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