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False Artemis!0595719A89E8

Harmless small and old program I've yet to find a better substitute for.  Not happy with McAfee suddenly deleting it non-stop with no option to restore it permanently.

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Reliable Contributor Peacekeeper
Reliable Contributor
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Re: False Artemis!0595719A89E8

If you want a detection cleared try

  Please try following these Guidelines/Instructions to resolve your issue:What To Do When McAfee Detects Legitimate Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & ...

If no fix in 3 days or so post back with the analysis ID you get from the reply email and we will escalate the issue.

McAfee Employee dmeier
McAfee Employee
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Re: False Artemis!0595719A89E8

Peacekeeper is correct, that is the correct process to follow.  I'll also see about getting the file whitelisted.  Please do post your Analysis ID when you get it.

- David

Reliable Contributor catdaddy
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Re: False Artemis!0595719A89E8


                Due to inactivity and no further responses, I am assuming this thread as 'Assumed Answered'. If this is indeed not the case, kindly create another thread if you still need assistance.

Thank you,

All the Best,



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