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False Alarm for

I use scoop ( to manage the tools on my Windows 10. Recently McAfee Endpoint Security think a file of scoop has a malware. Our comany IT send me this notification every week.

I want to check whether this file contain security issue.



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Re: False Alarm for

Our security team give me more information and it's definitely McAfee issue.

The reason for multiple notifications on your machine is because of the application ‘Scoop’, which is a command line installer for windows. As you are using this program to install/manage other applications, we are getting alerts as and when the program is being used or McAfee OnDemand scan picks it up. Whenever powershell is executed to manage any apps through scoop, it is invoking core.ps1, which is categorized as ‘PS/Downloader!ams.h’ by McAfee.

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