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Fake Virus alert popup

For the last few days I have been getting a fake virus alert. Looks like it is coming from Microsoft Security. In the address bar is says

( I have to close out my browser to get rid of it. I have IE10 and Windows 8. Although the popup occurs on Chrome while playing a game, only once on the home page. First of all, why isn't Mcafee blocking this/or how can I block it. Thanks for any help someone can give to me.

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Re: Fake Virus alert popup

No antivirus will stop 100% of what's out there unfortunately.   Try running Malwarebytes Free - the link in in the last lin of my signature below.

Don't accept the free trial offer or else you'll end up with the paid version.

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Re: Fake Virus alert popup

You posted this on the Microsoft forums as well, I notice. No answer there, so I'll see what I can do.

This is in Chrome, so one way to block it is to go to the Get Extensions page in Settings, and select one or more of the available products. AdBlock might stop it, but a lot depends on what is triggering this fake alert.

You can also try blocking pop-ups in Chrome's Settings - see under Privacy / Content Settings.  Run through all the other available options there to make sure they're exactly what you want - things like Block 3rd-party cookies, set plug-ins to be Click-To-Play not Run Automatically, stuff like that.

Chrome settings.JPG

No need to say this in your case, but it's worth repeating for others :


There, that should confuse everyone next time McAfee delivers one of those annoying pop-ups in the bottom right saying Click Here To Do Something.

Back to the subject in hand. The game you're playing - is it a Facebook game? Or Minecraft (which I know may come from a BounceMe server)? Or something else - I see other games available via their servers mentioned in various places.

The pop-up may be triggered by javascript in the web page, or by a java exploit, or by injected HTML code - I'd need to see the page source code to have a better idea of what's causing it. But if you have java, disable or remove it unless you need it for the game - in which case make sure before you play that java is up to date.

McAfee isn't detecting it because there's nothing to detect until after you've clicked. Something somewhere causes a web page to  load or a pop-up window to appear - that's normal behaviour. It's the content ("Click Here!!") which is dangerous.

Edit - A slight clarification. As one of the WOT reviewers pointed out,

This is a hosting domain used to host sub-domains. All sub-domains of are under control of independent users and should be rated on their own merits.     "

And some of those sub-domains are potentially dangerous : see

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