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Facebook/Generic.dx!pbs Trojan Virus - HELP!

Hello everyone

Well I received a private message from a friend on facebook and I clicked on it and realized what it was - TOO LATE!!!    Now I have this pop up that keeps popping up telling me that mycompter is infected and after the McAfee Scan it tells me to manually remove this virus but I really dont know how to "find" viruses and such....If someone could walk me through it (baby steps)  I would appreciate it SO MUCH!!!!!



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Re: Facebook/Generic.dx!pbs Trojan Virus - HELP!

Hi Holly,

      Let me understand the issue more cleraly. I think your system is infected with "Generic.dx!pbs" Trojan. Hence, you are getting pop-up from McAfee VirusScan product about the infection. If this is the scenario then please let me know. Please also attach the screenshot of McAfee VirusScan and the scan logs.

I will examine and let you know the steps to be taken.



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