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FBI Virus: Have I done enough?

I picked up the FBI MoneyPac virus on Wednesday.  I re-booted using Control/Alt/Delete and found my computer still locked.  So I went to a second computer and Googled the deal.  I was directed to do a System Restore in Safe Mode (which I accessed by using the F8 key during boot up). I restored back to Oct. 10th - one week before the attack.   Once the FBI lockdown was gone, I did a full scan using McAfee Security Center.  It came back clean.  So . . . is it gone?  Do I need to do more?  Should I use Malwarebytes in conjunction with McAfee?  Sorry if I'm repeating questions already dealt with, but I'm a bit insecure here.

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Re: FBI Virus: Have I done enough?

System Restore has probably solved that particular problem. You may need to do some checks for McAfee and Microsoft updates, and then run a McAfee full scan. Scanning with Malwarebytes is also advisable.

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